Holiday Cottages

My Favourite Holiday Cottages is a website used by thousands of people planning a self-catering holiday who prefer to use a site that doesn’t apply booking charges or commission fees when making a reservation.

About the site - Founded in 2010, the My Favourite Holiday Cottages features several holiday cottages in the Quantock Hills, which has a special page of local properties.

Property listings include:

  • A property location map
  • Up to twenty large photos
  • Links to a property’s website home and booking pages enabling you to contact and/or book directly with its owner or manager.
  • Testimonials from your guests
  • Prices and availability calendars: many of these are calendars from a property’s website, some allowing you to book it online straight from the advert.
  • Option to add YouTube video and floorplans

Access and Customer Care

Owners have 24/7 access to their adverts to enable them to be easily kept up to date.

My Favourite Holiday Cottages has a 5-Star reputation for customer care, always going the extra mile to help people whether they are property owners or bookers. We are famous for it!

The Holiday Homefront

Whether they advertise on MFHC or not, Owners can sign up for our free monthly newsletter called The Holiday Homefront. It is packed with essential advice and topical information on everything to do with holiday cottage management, maintenance and marketing.

To advertise a holiday cottage, owners pay a single subscription fee (£98.99 in 2021). There are generous discounts of up to 50% for advertising multiple properties. We can create and build adverts for busy property owners for £25. Otherwise, there are no other fees or charges payable – just a single subscription.

Whether you own a holiday cottage in The Quantocks - or would like to book one in this beautiful corner of Somerset, visit My Favourite Holiday Cottages today!

Director: Rick Bond

Tel: 01598 710 631