Constitution and Purpose

Friends of Quantock is a CIO or Charitable Incorporated Organisation, which is a particuar legal form of charity.

Our ourpose is

To promote for the benefit of the public the conservation protection and improvement of the landscape and natural environment of the Quantock Hills.

and we define the Quantock Hills as the AONB plus the immediately surrounding area.

We are essentially a conservation charity. We don't serve the interests of any group but we are interested in protecting the landscape on behalf of everyone who enjoys the Hills.

View the full document the Friends of Quantock Constitution

 See a summary of our activities and finances from the Charity Commission

The FoQ Committee

We have no paid Officers. Members of our Executive Committee are all volunteers and are currently:

  • President: Lady Gass DCVO
  • Vice-Presidents: Major Denys White, Laetitia Kelly
  • Chairman: Philip Comer
  • Vice-Chairman: Alan Hughes
  • Secretary: Mary ter Braak
  • Treasurer: Chris Paul
  • Minutes Secretary: Janet Candy
  • Events Secretary: Barbara Shaw
  • Chris Edwards - representing the AONB Service
  • Ben Bartlett - representing Quantock Farmers
  • Ian Kett
  • David Lloyd
  • Mike Pitcher
  • John Andrews
  • Stephen Campbell
  • Jasmine Lucas
  • Tim Whittingham